Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh dear, there is video!

 Crank Generation

Low Self Esteem
Trophy Wife
How Can I Miss You?
Folsom Prison Nightmare

Four standup sets, and a moment at Marscon.

I Had To Suffer For My Art, Now It's Your Turn - 2007

1. Only Coffee House In Town 02:19
2. Perfect Moments 02:46
3. Standards 02:14   
4. In Crosby Park 01:58
5. Hey Dad !!! 04:27
6. Home Again 05:49
7. Jordan Cochrane GGS 02:28
8. Need 03:12
9. How Can I Miss You? 02:49
10. Wilderness Of Smiles 02:42
11. Woman I Want 01:52
12. Nice Guys 01:25   
13. WYSIWYG 2007 Remake/Remodel

My final CD. I may record some tracks sometime and release them on Bandcamp. Parts of this were recorded in my living room, parts of it in a friend's basement in Minneapolis. If there is a fiddle on it, it was recorded in Minneapolis.

You can download this here!

Eric Comes Alive - Windycon 2006

1. Let's Take A Vote 01:23
2. Low Self Esteem 02:41
3. Standards 02:11
4. Trophy Wife 03:51
5. The Woman I Want 01:47
6. Intro-Ghosts 01:12
7. Ghosts 03:23
8. A Luke Ski Moment 00:49
9. Intro - Don't Go Home 02:10
10. Don't Go Home 01:56
11. Color Of Your Eyes 02:46
12. In Crosby Park 02:01
13. Live Journal 01:01
14. Only Coffee House In Town 02:37
15. Serious Or Funny? 00:35
16. Bang My Bald Spot 04:24
17. Hey Dad !!! 07:15
18. How Can I Miss You? 03:14
19. Nice Guys 01:16

It had been three years since my first full length CD. I needed something new to sell at shows. gundo had a new toy, so he recorded this show. I ended up putting it out. It has the only released version of Ghosts.

You can download this here!

Some See The Glass Half Empty - 2003

1. Low Self Esteem Talking Blues 03:03
2. Almost Beautiful 03:05
3. The Things You Never Know 03:07
4. Bang My Bald Spot 02:36
5. Don't Go Home 02:20
6. Oh Shannon 02:27
7. Hand Above The Water 03:24
8. J's Wild Appalachian Stomp/WYSIWYG 03:21
9. Golden Age Of Silicon 02:02
10. The One I Chased Away 02:27
11. Color Of Your Eyes 03:12
12. Trophy Wife 02:46
13. Hides 07:45
14. Crank Generation 02:02

This was recorded in an upstairs room where I work. I have had a recording studio/rehearsal space up there for many years now. There were 4 different recordings of the music for Hides, I picked the best one. One of the songs was recorded during a high wind, and if you listen closely you can hear things flapping on the roof. I'll give a special prize to anyone who finds it. This was my most successful CD. Apparently people learned from it, since nothing else sold as well.

You can download this here!

Fear And Self Loathing In Central Iowa - 2001

1. Caution - Product Might Be Hot 01:36
2. In Crosby Park 01:47
3. The Color Of Your Eyes 03:02
4. Bang Your Bald Spot 02:16

4 songs, no waiting. There was another song recorded, but it wasn't good enough to go on the EP. It ended up on the first full length CD.

This was recorded in a couple of hours at a friend's hair salon with a borrowed 4-track tape recorder. Caution appears nowhere else, everything else was re-recorded for later CDs.

You can download this here!