Monday, October 12, 2015

Some See The Glass Half Empty - 2003

1. Low Self Esteem Talking Blues 03:03
2. Almost Beautiful 03:05
3. The Things You Never Know 03:07
4. Bang My Bald Spot 02:36
5. Don't Go Home 02:20
6. Oh Shannon 02:27
7. Hand Above The Water 03:24
8. J's Wild Appalachian Stomp/WYSIWYG 03:21
9. Golden Age Of Silicon 02:02
10. The One I Chased Away 02:27
11. Color Of Your Eyes 03:12
12. Trophy Wife 02:46
13. Hides 07:45
14. Crank Generation 02:02

This was recorded in an upstairs room where I work. I have had a recording studio/rehearsal space up there for many years now. There were 4 different recordings of the music for Hides, I picked the best one. One of the songs was recorded during a high wind, and if you listen closely you can hear things flapping on the roof. I'll give a special prize to anyone who finds it. This was my most successful CD. Apparently people learned from it, since nothing else sold as well.

You can download this here!

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